Founder's Corner

The Founder's Corner is a brand new co-working space in the Student Commons available to students working on new product or business ideas. In addition to providing office space to VCU student entrepreneurs, Founder's Corner will also serve as a hub where they can network, attend professional development events, and receive support from Innovation Gateway and University Career Center staff members to help them advance their businesses. All VCU students, undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to apply for space at Founder's Corner.


  • You must be a student at Virginia Commonwealth University at the time of application. All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply regardless of major or college.
  • You must have proven that next steps have been taken to move your venture beyond just being an idea. Membership isn’t predicated on specific industries or business models but is rather based on demonstrated effort and execution. For more clarity on this, click here!
  • This is a space for student entrepreneurs to grow and scale their startups; therefore, you must have a plan to grow your ventures beyond their current state.

Student members and their teams will have exclusive access to the space and resources. If applying as a team, each member must apply individually, just be sure to fill in your team name in the field below. Entry into the space will be controlled by swipe card access and guaranteed for one semester. Access is a privilege and thus progress will need to have been made and reported on to retain membership for subsequent semesters.

Should you not be accepted, we welcome and encourage you to join us at any of our public events and re-apply in the future. During that time, feel free to reach out to us to receive mentorship and help. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, so don’t be discouraged.

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