Helping Student Entrepreneurs Make it Real

What is Founder's Corner: Founder's Corner is a co-working space for student entrepreneurs located in the VCU Student Commons.

Who's involved: Founder's Corner is a partnership between VCU Innovation Gateway, VCU Career Center, and VCU Student Commons.

What will you find there: In addition to co-working space, the Innovation Gateway has developed a series of proven programs that are focused on providing individualized guidance and resources to students who have an idea for a new product or company. These programs include a one-on-one mentor program, a pre-accelerator, and a number of funding opportunities. Contact us today to learn more and find what programs and resources are right for you.

Co-Working Space

Located in the student commons, the Founder's Corner is a space for student start-ups dedicated to entrepreneurs working on their business.
Learn about Co-Working Spaces

One-on-One Mentorship Program

For students that are in the idea phase, we have developed a mentor program to help guide you through validating their business idea.
Learn about the One-on-One Mentorship Program

Pre-Acceleration Program

Twice a year, we run a pre-acceleration program where you can get paid to work on your own company.
Learn about The Pre-Acceleration Program

Start-up Funding

For students that have found traction with their viable business idea, we have start-up funding available in the form of grants and stipends.
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Get Started Today

It is our goal to learn about you and your idea so we can decide how to best help you. You can contact us to schedule an appointment at any time. You can also join our mailing list to keep up to date about Innovation Gateway programs and opportunities.

For a full listing of all programs available to VCU students, check the Venture Creation University website.