Start-up Funding

The Entrepreneurship Fund

Twice a year, in September and February, students can apply for funding to support the development of their new product or company. The review committee is comprised of local entrepreneurs and investors and will recommend appropriate funding opportunities for applicants such as grants up to $5,000 or acceptance into the pre-Acceleration program. Apply here or contact us for more information.

Pop Up Pitches

VCU Innovation Gateway hosts multiple "Pop-up Pitches" each month. These pitches literally "pop up" randomly around campus. They give students 2 minutes to pitch their idea for a chance to win $300. After pitching, all students will be sent information on programs available to help them move their ideas forward. Sign up for our email list for pop-up pitch alerts or keep an eye on the calendar.

Next Big Idea

The Next Big Idea competition is an online competition where anyone within the VCU Community can submit an idea for a new company, product or service. Winners will be awarded prizes based on their submission and the number of votes they receive from the public. Anyone can vote. Awards totaling $1,800. Contact us for more information.