Companies are birthed from great ideas. But having an idea alone doesn't make you an entrepreneur, executing on that idea does. So if you have an idea, bravo! You've taken the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur. Now if you're serious about getting the ball rolling, you're going to need to progress beyond just having an idea. Some next steps and resources we'd recommend:

  • Conduct market research
    • Searching already published data is a great place to start, but it's essential to get out and talk with potential customers to gain insight into their wants, needs and expectations.
  • Fill out a business model canvas
  • Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Our space and resources are limited at the Founder's Corner, so it's vital that they are utilized by a group of individuals serious about working on a venture. Taking these next steps (if not already done so) shows initiative and helps to establish a minimum standard for membership eligibility. It also helps to cultivate an ideal environment for productivity and innovation. That being said, we don't expect every team or individual to be at the same stage in their venture at the time of application to the space. Some will already be profitable startups, others will be just starting out, but the common thread shared amongst all will be that they have progressed beyond just having an idea.